Lockdown pushed for what was to happen in 2025-30.
Mass transition to work online. For many people, being forced to be online has shown the benefits and convenience of working remotely. The whole structure of communication is changing. For the second time since the advent of mass mobile communications and communicators.

There are enough services that allow you to work remotely.
But sometimes contact is necessary.

And the number of groups experiencing the need for direct contact has increased dramatically, from esoteric groups and clubs to business and psychological trainings. Working groups offline, for creating projects, short and intensive work.

The most efficient design method. This structure of work is the future. There is no separate market for real estate of this format. Until. But it will appear very soon.
The hotel complex includes the possibility of conducting trainings, seminars, workshops, combined with health and entertainment programs. It is initially focused exclusively on groups.

We do not work with a private client. Location requirements: privacy, picturesque (open horizon) place, availability of communications, legal security.

Determining how B to B format excludes seasonality brings occupancy rates over 50%.
The network format will allow you to scale marketing solutions and work flexibly with the client. By offering club privileges. The project, implemented in 2007-20011, showed global efficiency and changed the approach to business strategies.

Our goal is to create a network structure for the franchising system.

A pilot project is being launched in Cyprus in the Paphos region. It implies an investment character as follows: purchase of a plot, payment for a project and construction. Clarification of the marketing program and franchise.

About $ 5 million payback calculation for one object: 5-8 years


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